Unmatched Flexibility

We know that each project has its own requirements, we strive to be the most flexible lender possible. We offer anything from a six-month bridge up to a five-year term loan.

Competitive Pricing

Our interest rates start at 7.50% which is the most competitive in the private money industry. We are able to offer the best rates because we are a family of insurance companies.


Higher Loan to Value (up to 85%) allows you to keep your equity dry for other projects. The less equity contributed to the project means higher returns for you!

Save Time

We can fund transactions in as little as 24 hours! Contact us for a rapid approval and reliable funding.

Getting Funded

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Recent Deals

Single Family
Fix and Flip
Laguna Beach CA

Tucson AZ

Single Family Construction Phoenix AZ $800,000

Raw Land Bridge Palm Springs CA $1,650,000

Single Family Construction Phoenix AZ $7,800,000

NNN Construction Greenwood IN $1,446,000

Car Wash Renovation Mesa AZ $1,500,000

Single Family Fix and Flip Carlsbad CA $990,000

Car Wash Bridge Marana AZ $1,350,000

  • Bridge
    Our most popular offering, Bridge Financing, is typically structured with monthly interest-only payments and a short term (6-12 months). Our rates start at 7.50% and range from full recourse to non-recourse. Our bridge program is offered on all investment real estate assets, including to-be-developed raw land.

  • Term
    If your project is already stabilized and you are looking for a longer term capital solution, we can help! Our term offerings range from fixed to variable interest rates and a variety of amortization periods. If you have a high interest rate construction loan and need a refinance, our term financing is right for you. Contact us to customize a term loan for your specific needs.

  • Contruction
    With industry leading 85% Loan-to-Cost “LTC”, we provide some of the most efficient construction financing on the market. Use less equity to enhance your overall returns. We service our construction loans in house which leads to easy draw requests and rapid funding. Your construction project will be simpler with Puritan Private Funding!

  • Single Family Residence
    We lend on non-owner-occupied residential assets, typically “fix and flip” investment properties. Puritan Private Lending can provide quick and affordable fix and flip financing to turn your project into a success.

  • Retail
    Retail assets have struggled as ecommerce begins to take its toll on standard retail real estate. Contrary to popular belief, the shift will actually provide investors ample opportunity. Unlike banks that are scared of retail, Puritan Private Funding can fund your next retail project, allowing you to take advantage of any project rather than getting turned town by conventional financing. Puritan Private Funding’s expertise will get you the capital you need at a competitive price.

  • Multi-Family
    With declining cap rates and low vacancy, multi-family has been one of the top performing real estate assets of 2016 and 2017. With the right location and management, multi-family projects can provide a steady stream of income. Develop the next successful multi-family project, Puritan Private Lending will take care of the financing.

  • Land
    Finding that next piece of land for your development is typically the trickiest part of a project, it’s also the hardest piece to finance. If you have a vision for a project and intend to break-ground in the near future, we will fund your raw land acquisition up to 65% LTV. Secure your funding to beat competition and enjoy the returns that a new-build offers.

  • Specialty
    Looking to diversify your portfolio? Focus on your return on equity and Puritan Private Lending will take care of the financing. High performing specialty assets are hard to come by; don’t miss out on your next opportunity because your bank isn’t willing to be your partner.

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About Us

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Puritan Life Insurance Company of America, based in Tempe, Arizona provides direct commercial mortgages. We offer unmatched flexibility, competitive pricing and rapid funding!

We are a true direct lender that handles all underwriting, funding and servicing in-house. Each and every one of our loans stays on our balance sheet; because we don’t sell our loans, there isn’t a “box product” that we offer. Instead, we tailor each loan to your specific needs and work with you to create the most efficient deal structure. From a six-month interest only loan to a fully amortizing five-year loan, we have a solution for you. If you are interested in getting quick, competitive real estate financing, contact us at www.PuritanPrivateLending.com.

Getting your project done as fast as possible is the most effective way to secure your profit. Whether it’s a single family residence fix-and-flip or an office reposition, loan simplicity and speed is essential. With Puritan Private Lending you can focus on the only thing that matters, making a profit. Expect creative solutions, easy approval and rapid funding from Puritan Private Lending.